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Thank you. Matsuo Miyu (24 June 2020)

Thank you.

I wish I had more words to say.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I am a 16 year old, 2nd year high school student from Chiba Prefecture.
I’m Matsuo Miyu.

[A lot of little details in the booth.]

Thank you for having me.

There is so much I want to talk about,

But here’s the first thing I’ll tell you about.

Nogizaka46 Hours TV.
Thank you very much.

In the current situation where there were many restrictions, there were so many people who thought through the details carefully and devised ways for everything to happen.

We had 45 booths, one for each of us, we could talk to you through the screen and via our acrylic boards, thank you so much for your support.

Despite the exhaustion, everyone smiled and said hello whenever I greeted them, and I received so much warmth over the 3 days.

And to everyone who watched us,

I appreciate everyone’s help in placing votes and for sending in illustrations.

During this time that we can’t meet each other, I still felt great that we could connect with what we have available.

3 days, 46 hours, it sounds like a long time, but it was intense and it went by so quickly.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to participate.

I was able to discover and learn many things and feel all sorts of feelings in the 46 hours.

Today I’ll talk about the projects that I participated in and more!

☺︎ Time to get-to-know the new 4th gen ☺︎

We were given some time on the mornings of the 2nd and 3rd days to talk amongst the 5 of us in the new 4th generation!

For the 2nd day, we didn’t know anything about it until just before the segment. We were just told to “Sit there” in the studio.

“Starting now, you’ll have 30 minutes for the audience to get to know you!”

It was really a surprise for all of us new 4th gen members, and all 5 of us were blindsided by it.

That 2nd day was unscripted, so I’m really thankful that we had Nao-chan.

On the morning of the 3rd day, we brought our energy to you! And we challenged ourselves and practiced our “Good morning!”


[TL notes:
#MatsuminKuromin – Picmin name for Matsumura Sayuri and Kuromi Haruka’s nickname
#AsaKaraHaRiRuMiNa – “From morning” + the first syllable of each new 4th gen member’s name
#KurominRikaRunaMiyuNao – straightforward.]

Thank you for making them trend!

It was amazing at the keywords that 3 of us came up with were trending, so I’m glad that we were able to contribute to the 46 total trending topics in some small way.

I kinda wanted my word to trend somehow someday. (whispers)
I’ll do my best! (ง ꙭ)ง

I fell in love with everyone’s cute voices during the dummy-head ASMR project, which made me giggle and reached my heart through my headphones.
I forgot my lines, but Kuromi-chan helped me out so thank you very much.

Thank you for making the time for the 5 of us and allowing us this valuable experience.

It was fun and exciting to see Runa-chan’s white eyes after so long. (°°)

‎☺︎ Two-shot conversation‎ ☺︎

I had a conversation with Rika-chan!
Rika-chan and I talk a lot, but we haven’t spent a lot of time together to talk with each other.

But this time we had the chance, and because we both like sweets, the day before yesterday we both promised to “go eat some desserts”!

Matsuo Sweets Shop, or Matsuo Bakery,

Please feel free to visit when it opens.

☺︎ The candy house! ☺︎

[The dream came true.]

The 16 members of the 4th gen made a house from candy!

I would usually make candy houses in my free time.

Unlike that where I’m the sole person in charge, we worked together and helped each other to make this one.

Yasuda Mari-sensei, the candy instructors and the staff gave us advice and direction.

I would like to talk about my favourite parts.

① The ‘welcome’ board that I made with Yuri-chan

Yuri-chan and I made a ‘welcome’ board with the Nogizaka logo for the door.

The top-left half is colourful and cute, while the bottom-right half is cool and decorated with silver dragées and chocolate writing.
We made this with Yuri-chan’s words, “Nogizaka46 has many facets and charms” in mind!

I love Yuri-chan’s voice and was so happy to be able to talk to her so much. ⸜❤︎⸝‍
Thank you, Yuri-chan.

② The roof!

On the 2nd day, we attached purple cookies to the roof, and
on the 3rd day, we decorated it with sakura blossoms, roll cakes and marshmallow figures!

Saya-chan taught me a trick with the purple cookies, and I attached them on with Mayu-chan!

Anyway, I confessed my love to Mayu-chan earnestly.

I told her, “I love you”. But Mayu-chan replied,
“Fufu~~ thanks~”.
I told her I wanted to confess properly!
She said, “I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting~”.

I wasn’t sure if she got my message properly, so I’ll keep trying to tell her.

I’ll be waiting for you~

Then Rika-chan and I put the sakura and the marshmallow figures on the roof on the 3rd day.

We decided to put the marshmallows in between the rolled cakes. Rika-chan drew a heart and I drew a face and stuck a hat on the top of it!
It’s so cute, so please check it out.

③ The yellow icing on the door

The base of the door is yellow icing, and Kuromi-chan and I were the ones to paint it on!

I think I saw that everyone wrote that the icing took a lot of effort, and it looked to be a difficult task for Kuromi-chan.

I seemed to be pretty good at the icing, possibly thanks to my time in the cheerleading club doing pom-poms and being the base for leaps!

Yasuda-sensei told me, “This looks like it could be a future job for you”.

A wall-painter… I’ll think about it.

I was able to communicate with everyone due to this work!
And I’m so glad that we had Kaki-chan’s amazing illustrations to create this big candy house of our dreams!
Thank you very much.

Rei-chan and Runa-chan’s snacking was relentless.

[Ta-da ¨̮]

☺︎ The single feeling of 16 people! All correct answers quiz. ☺︎

This segment was so much fun!

I didn’t know what to write for a souvenir from Hokkaido, so I first wrote down potatoes.

Sweet? Square? I felt that sorta fit.

Personally, Yuna-chan’s “woof woof!” was so cute that my heart ached.

I was in the awful situation where I didn’t know how to write Abe-san’s kanji; my mother told me that I should read the Tensei Jingo, so I’m going to start doing that.

I am so sorry.

‎☺︎ Special live ‎☺︎

I was alone in my booth when the Overture came through on my earpiece, but I felt as if I was connected to everyone else and I was blown away.

I was so happy to be able to raise my towel with everyone during my favourite song, “Hadashi de Summer”!

When I saw the seniors and the 4th gen members perform on the stage, it was so beautiful and lovely that once again I felt grateful and moved to be able to work with such wonderful people in the future.

There was a lot of feeling in the restart message of the song “Sekaichuu no Rinjin yo”.

[I want to see you with a smile ☺︎]

Thank you so much for those 46 hours.

When I got home, my own weaknesses and learning points were the only things left in my head, and there were many moments that frustrated me and which made me look down on myself.

However, I had a lot of experiences, and I was able to learn a lot from watching the seniors.

I will do my best to use what I have learned in those 46 hours to help face myself and to grow.

Thank for the wonderful and intense 46 hours.

I hope that my gratitude will reach everyone who was involved with this event.

Thank you so much.

And please continue to have my in your care.

Tomorrow is~


She was an amazing MC, and I want to try Nao~ in anyway I can! I was reminded again of your large presence.
As always, thank you so much.
I love you.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end.

Full of gratitude, Myuu. ¨̮



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