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Usakoara (Bunny-Koala). Matsuo Miyu (29 June 2020)

During primary school, when it rained I liked to draw on the windows. ¨̮

Oh! I wasn’t good at drawing.

What I would draw on the glass was

2 points and a line in the middle.

And that would be a completed face. ¨̮

If I felt like it, I’d put ears on it.

I am a 16 year old, 2nd year high school student from Chiba Prefecture.
I’m Matsuo Miyu.

Thank you for having me. ¨̮

Today I’ll tell you a little about Usakoara-san.

For the 46 hours TV, I designed a muffler towel,
and the logo is



That’s it there on the top-right corner holding the purple and white balloons and waving to me.

My booth was decorated with purple and white balloons to match. ☺︎

I once drew a 100% rabbit.
A friend asked, “Is that koala?”

And so it became bunny-koala, or usakoara.

It was that simple.

ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

Even looking at it now, it’s definitely 100% rabbit.

I’ll be working with Usakoara-san from now on.

It always has a calm and friendly face, so please be its friend.

Usakoara-san ~Completed Works~


✽ Please tell us the meaning behind the design of the individual muffler towel, and what it means to you!

The purple, white and grey geometric shapes (is that what they’re called?) form a large MIYU!

And then there’s Usakoara-san saying hi from above. ¨̮

I wanted it to be cool and cute, so I thought up a few different designs before deciding on the final one!

✽ What is Maru-chan’s favourite food?

She’s a glutton, so she will eat basically everything while wagging her tail.
I was talking to my father about what we thought was the most delicious food that she has eaten~

She ate a little bit of watermelon this morning. ^^

✽ I ate a kiwifruit this morning,
and wondered if Miyu-chan ate a kiwifruit too?

I did!
We also had watermelon, pineapple and cherries!

✽ I want to know what Miyu-chan’s favourite girls’ hairstyle is!

I love those who have short hair who tuck the hair behind the ear. I think that’s so cute~!
Also, I think those that have medium~long length hair that’s loosely tied back is really cute.
And I love those who can rock very short hair who are really beautiful and really cool.

I like them all.

✽ What is your favourite dialect? (By the way, I speak Osaka dialect~)

I’m a fan of Paru’s (Hinatazaka46 new 3rd gen member Yamaguchi Haruyo) surprising Tottori dialect.
Dagan na~

I admire dialects!
I also like the Osaka dialect. ☺︎

✽ I wonder if my voice can reach you~ (*´ー`*)

It’s reaching me~ (*ˊᵕˋ*)

Tomorrow is~

| ᐕ)⁾⁾


Myuu. ¨̮

See you in 5 days time.

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