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Report!!! Matsuo Miyu (19 July 2020)

I’m Matsuo Miyu. I’m a 16 year old 2nd year high school student from Chiba Prefecture. ¨̮

I have a lot of things to talk about today.

Where should we start…



I’ve changed my glasses~

The temperature has gone up a lot~

So, first things first

Let’s continue on from Runa-chan’s blog from yesterday!

I somewhat surprised that she did a “Miyu-chan edition” for me

Two days in a row with Miyu-chan stories,

It’s a Miyu-chan weekend this week.

Thanks for supporting Miyu-chan today too.

(Please don’t worry, I don’t normally refer to myself as Miyu-chan)

Reading Runa-chan’s blog yesterday,

I was surprised that she seems to know Matsuo Miyu more than I know myself.

When I called Runa-chan after reading it, she told me,

“Miyu-chan wanted to show her true self too.”

She remembered the things I had talked to her about,

so it was like getting a glimpse of the me that I hadn’t been able to show myself yet.

She’s such a nice girl.

Sometimes I don’t even know what there is about myself to talk about.

When I ask myself “what is there?” I would go find something, and be sure to pay attention to it.

I’ll do my best to put myself out there more. ‪‪☺︎‪‪☺︎‪‪☺︎

I’m really, really grateful to Runa-chan for putting such a weight on my back!


Also, yesterday

There was the “Ongaku no Hi 2020” broadcast.

Music and lyrics resonate with me so much.

The way each singer sings the same song brings their own feelings to it, and so it’s great to have music that resonates with your heart that way.

Although this summer has been different to previous summers,

the seniors performances of

“Hadashi de Summer” was full of energy and smiles, and

“Sekaijuu no Rinjin yo” was close to my heart and brought with it a warm feeling.

It was really beautiful.

I enjoyed listening to

Kubo Shiori-san
Matsuda Rina-san (Keyakizaka46)
and Sasaki Mirei-san (Hinatazaka46)

perform the Disney songs that I love.

Their singing voices were absolutely wonderful and beautiful, and brought a very big smile to my face. ¨̮

It was really good to have music that can inspire those who listened and watched it to look forward.

With all the artists and the music that they brought to us,

I really felt that summer was here!
It was moving,
I felt the feelings of kindness,
and it made me smile.

Once again, the power of music was important and strong.

The fireworks were also beautiful!!!

The camera managed to capture the moment that Kinako gave me a kiss.

~Recent things~

I’m smiling every day, and looking forward to hearing from Yuna-chan.

I’m so happy… this must be love.

Ah! A reply! So happy! So cute! What am I going to do?

And because it causes my mind to lose focus, I’m always late to reply back.

I’m a happy person.

I made these accessories~

I found a plate to put them on for the photo.

I’m good with my hands, aren’t I? Fufu.

I watched the “KEYAKIZAKA46 Live Online, but with YOU!” broadcast.

I have so many thoughts about it, so let me think carefully about it and I’ll write about it in 5 days time.

Tomorrow is~

The most recent time I called Nao~ in an emergency

was when I found some food that had been labelled FRAGILE.

From tomorrow, let’s do our best for the week ahead!

(ง ꙭ)ง

I am just one person, but I wish to be able to bring a smile to as many people as possible.

Myuu. ¨̮



Australian Nogizaka46 fan. Other interests include: Japanese language and pop culture, music, photography, Western pop culture