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These are creatures of the sea. Matsuo Miyu (24 July 2020)

I’m a 16 year old, 2nd year high school student from Chiba Prefecture,

and I am not good with raw tomatoes,

my name is Matsuo Miyu.

Ma-tsu-o Mi-yu.

Creatures of the sea and me.

Hey, hey! Listen to this.

Yesterday, I made dinner for my family by myself for the first time!

I was glad to hear that it was delicious! ‪‪☺︎

It took me some time, but it was fun.

I made kinako nuts (soy powder covered nuts) a few days ago,

they didn’t look too great.

The taste was So Good.

Yesterday’s “#ShibuyaNoOto SPECIAL -Minna de YELL-

One of my favourite songs and one which is special to me, “Nandome no Aozora ka?” was performed.

I can’t remember blinking as I watched the seniors perform on the Jingu Stadium stage, they were so amazing.

It was really beautiful.

However many times I listen to “Sekaijuu no Rinjin yo”, I can’t get over how great a song it is, I felt close to the feelings transmitted through the screen.

Even though we can’t meet up with each other, it still warms me to be able to connect with each other.

The song “BELIEVE” was so moving that no words can express it.

I’ve received all the YELL (encouragement). ¨̮

I have a lot to learn and absorb. ¨̮

✽ Saishuu wa gu! Jankenpon!
✽ Ready, set, go! Rock, paper, scissors!

Yay! Scissors.

Do you say “Jankenpon!”


Do you say “Jankenpoi!”?

I say poi!

Last blog, I said I’d write about it this time

So let’s talk about the

“KEYAKIZAKA46 Live Online, but with YOU!”

It felt like there was no screen between us as I was taken to the world of Keyakizaka46.

It was great to see the new 2nd gen members for the first time in a long time.‪‪☺︎

Everyone was dazzling.

Baby-chan (Moriya Rena-chan) is like the older sister amongst the new 2nd gen members. *ˊᵕˋ*

I was able to feel the strong feelings that resided in their hearts.

I have decided that I will also do my best.

From the beginning until the end, it felt like we were shown so many stories.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time.

Octopus octopus

It was love at first sight when I saw this one.

So, tomorrow is Nao~.

Last time,

I received the following question from Nao~

✽ I was wondering, what food was FRAGILE?

I wonder…

I found a sticker that had “FRAGILE” on it,

And I didn’t know what it was so sent it to Nao~.

Guess what Nao~ said back?

She said, “Food is supposed to break apart!!!”.

She’s such a mess.

Bye byeee~

Myuu. ¨̮



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