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I heard the sounds of cicadas. Matsuo Miyu (29 July 2020)

Yesterday, I walked into a dragonfly.

I feel guilty.

I’m really sorry.

Also, I saw a swallowtail butterfly larva while crossing at a green pedestrian light.

I’m really, really, really bad with butterflies,

and when I saw it, I almost stopped breathing.

I kept my distance.

I can’t wait for July to be over.

This is summer.

I’m a 16 year old, 2nd year high school student from Chiba Prefecture,

and lately I like eating sweet chestnuts,

my name is Matsuo Miyu.

Ma-tsu-o Mi-yu.

Lately, I’ve liked having straight hair all the way to the tips.


✽ What is your favourite way to eat mochi?
(it’s gotta be “kinako mochi”?)

I like kinako mochi but I’m a fan of mochi pizza. ٩( ᐖ )۶

✽ Would you rather fly to space, or fly around the world?

During primary school, I had a dream of riding an elevator to space.

✽ Are you okay with small tomatoes?

I don’t like small or big tomatoes. ( ˙᷄ỏ˙᷅ )

✽ How about tomato juice?

I also don’t like it made into juice. ( ˙᷄ỏ˙᷅ )

✽ What did you do for your 4-day weekend?

I know I’m a bit slow, but I binged all of Itaewon Class!

Yiseo-san and her clothes were all so cute. ⸜❤︎⸝‍

✽ Are you the type to schedule and plan out your summer homework? Or do you leave it for the second half of the holidays?

From primary school to the 2nd year of middle school, I would be the type to try and finish the homework on the day it was assigned. (ง ꙭ)ง

But from the middle of it all, I became one to leave it until the last day, and then I almost became the type to not do it at all, so now I think I just begrudgingly get it done. ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

✽ Are there any fruits that you have been eating a lot lately?

Melons! Delicious!

✽ Is Myuu-chan an angel?

No, I think I’m probably more like a demon,

but we do have an actual angel in our household.

This kid is an angel, confirmed.

After having her way and biting Chairo the mouse to her heart’s content, she took good care of it afterwards.

✽ What does Miyu-chan think of Route 246?

It was so cool and beautiful, seeing it for the first time on TV!
I really like the hand movements, and it was cool and awesome that the formation changes one after another.

After listening to it once, I’m so happy that I can keep hearing it in my head. ˊᵕˋ

✽ Miyu yahooo~✌️


I hope the whole country will have good weather as soon as possible. ¨̮

Tomorrow is~



Aren’t these things cute?

There’s an amazing dream that I want to do,

I hope to be able to do it one day.

I’m expanding my imagination. *ˊᵕˋ*

‍Hope it comes true. ♀️➰✨

Look forward to it someday. ¨̮

Myuu. ¨̮

Byeeeeeeeeeee ( Ꙭ )/”



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