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I’m struggling with the title. Matsuo Miyu (13 August 2020)

I did a big clean out.

While cleaning, I found a lot of things from when I was young that I had forgotten.

My favourite was a summer vacation diary.

In my sister’s summer vacation diary that was discovered in the course of my cleaning,

she wrote,

“Today I asked my friend what their favourite food was.
They said cherry seeds.”

This must have been big news at the time.

I’m Matsuo Miyu.

Ma-tsu-o Mi-yu.

I tried tying my hair up in a ponytail.

Thanks for the requests. ˊᵕˋ

I bought this outfit because I thought it had a fried-egg pattern on it.

A time after buying it, my mum and sister told me, and I realised for myself that it wasn’t the case.

It was a flower pattern.

I’d like to continue with a story from when I was young.

May I?

I shall do it.

Please have a look.

Works by: Painter Matsuo Miyu (age 4)

“Rainy season frog”

The one I like most is the frog. ¨̮


I’m still the same me,
but as a child,
I saw the world so much differently than I do now,
it’s fascinating and interesting.

Just an anecdote.


Time has passed, and now I’m Matsuo Miyu (age 16).

A lot of you told me in my last blog that you prefer it better with my fringe flowing!

Thank you so much. (*ˊᵕˋ*)

Actually it’s kind of comfortable to have it flowing.

Maybe it’s because I used to have it flowing originally.

Oh, did you see the meteor show yesterday??

Due to where I am right now, I wasn’t able to see it at all,

but just in case, I sent my wish to the sky.


I wonder if there’s a piece of the shooting star lying around somewhere.

(  Ꙭ)


✽ What do you add to your fruit granola??

Yoghurt! Honey!

✽ Do you have a scary story to tell?

I was in a daze, and the day was suddenly over…

Ah scary scary.

✽ What is Myuu-chan’s favourite Chinese dish?

Radish cake.

✽ Do you prefer to be the one being photographed, or the photographer?

I love taking pictures! I think I’m pretty good at it too.

But I also like having people photograph me!

I like both. ^^

✽ What measures does Miyu-chan have to deal with the heat? Please let us know!!

Walking super fast.

✽ Does Myuu-chan believe in ghosts?
Or have you seen them?

I have yet to see one with my own eyes,
but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere!

✽ Could you please give me some positive messages since I didn’t do well on my tests…?

Don’t worry about it! You’ll deal with it!

Do your best next time (ง ꙭ)ง I’ll also do my best
Let’s do our best together (ง ꙭ)ง

✽ Are you good at radio, or rather talking?

I like talking.
I want to be able to say I’m good at it because I like it. ¨̮

✽ I wonder if you’ll read this comment or not?? I hope my thoughts reach Miyu-chan…!

Of course I’ve received them~!! (*ˊᵕˋ*)
Thank you very much. ^^

I completed a 1000-piece puzzle in 3 days!!

I’m not quite sure if that’s quick or slow.

I thought it was complete, but I was 2 pieces short,

until the following day when a piece appeared.

Tomorrow is~~~~


She got in contact

with me.

I replied

to Nao.

Then the reply came back.

What a mess.

And now we’re talking about something completely different.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. ‎☺︎

Myuu. ¨̮

Byeeeeeeeeeee ( Ꙭ )/”



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