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Matsuo Miyu – Touching fingers cannot be retracted. [EX Taishu September 2020]

I picked up the courage and invited her. Maybe she was brave enough to come with me. This summer is not like your usual summer. Some of us have already noticed this.

Photographer ● Mae Kosuke
Stylist ● Otake Maki
Hair & Makeup ● Hagimura Chisako

––– I get the impression that Matsuo-san is clumsy by nature.

            I think about things in my head, but in the end it never comes to fruition. In the end, I feel disappointed in myself and say “I should have done something at the time.”

––– It took a lot of courage for Matsuo-san to take on the challenge of the Sakamichi Series again as a “trainee” after giving it up to focus on your studies.

            It was probably the most courageous thing I’ve done in my life. Now I need to take that first step towards being better than I was at that time.

––– Do you want to show more of your true self?

            Yes. During the filming of the “Nogizaka Skits” (NTV), I kept thinking “I wonder if it’s okay for me to talk” and I was so nervous that I couldn’t do anything.

––– You’re good at dancing, aren’t you?

            I’m sort of confident in my dancing. I enjoyed practicing at home during the period of self-isolation. The way I practice hasn’t changed from when I was in cheerleading club. I would dance along with the music and if I made a mistake, I’d start from the beginning again and repeat it. I would watch the video carefully and check for what I did wrong in front of the mirror.

––– I think it’d be different from cheer-dancing in many ways.

            Yes, it is. For example, in “Influencer” it’s important to make the dance flow smoothly so that the silhouette looks beautiful, and you have to study the angles yourself. I’m not a dancer, but as an idol I think that my face on the monitor is another way to express myself. I want to be able to move the hearts of the people who watch my performances.

––– I’ve heard recently that you like to tell Tamura-san, “Mayu-chan, I love you!”.

            I say it every time I see her (laughs). When I hear her reply, “I love you”, I ask her again to make sure. She’d quietly say, “Yeah. I love you. I love you.”

––– You seem to have become comfortable talking with Tamura-san, who you admired in the past but were unsure of how to interact with.

            Yes. I have no regrets about that time. I feel the need to catch up to the 11 girls who have already been with the group for so long, and I want to get to know them all better.

Matsuo Miyu. Born 3rd January 2004, in Chiba prefecture. Her nickname is Myuu-chan, which was given to her by Himura-san. She went on a coffee-cup ride with the photographer who got motion sickness from all the spinning and laughing!

[TL note: Had someone ask me what the title means. There’s a line in the song “裸足でSummer” that goes “触れた指の引っ込め方も…” (fureta yubi no hikkomekata mo…) which loosely translates to “and how our fingers recoil when they touch…” The title of this article is the negative form of this.]


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