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Rock wins. Matsuo Miyu (7 September 2020)

I’m not very good at telling people “I like you”,

I’m afraid and embarrassed to let them know.

But lately, I don’t feel that way anymore. ¨̮

I want to discover people who “like” the same things as me,
I want to find more “likes”.

These are the things I was thinking about as autumn began~


I’m a 16 year old, 2nd year high school student from Chiba prefecture.

My name is Matsuo Miyu.

That’s Ma-tsu-o Mi-yu.

Ever since I was young, I was never really into many things,

I wasn’t really addicted to anything special either,

But one thing I did always like was clothing and accessories, and other things that I could wear.

Something I’ve recently overcome are headbands.

Headbands are cute and I like the look of them, but when I wear them myself, I feel it’s a bit different.

That’s why I’ve always avoided them, but

I tried wearing a not-so-skinny one, and I think I’ve gotten over it.

I don’t have a picture of the headband today though,
I just wanted to talk about it.

I’ll take a picture for next time. ˊᵕˋ

Watching the Tokyo Girls Collection the other day. I discovered so many cute and cool outfits, it was so much fun. ‪‪☺︎

My jaw dropped at how cool and wonderful all the seniors and the models were.

I want to be able to discover new things and expand my horizons.

~That’s all I have to say about clothing~

Ready, steady, go!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Yup, rock wins.

Oh oh~

On the 2nd of September!

I am so grateful for
Nama no Idol ga Suki”!

This was my first opportunity to speak to Nakada Kana-san and Matsumura Sayuri-san,
and I was really nervous

But in the end, I had such a great time.

I was glad to be able to talk to Nakada Kana-san about what I’ve been meaning to talk to her about for such a long time.

Also I got to meet Kanawo-kun, who I’ve always wanted to meet!!

It was my first time playing Umigame no Soup Game and it was really difficult.

[TL note: ウミガメのスープゲーム (Umigame no Soup Game) is the name given to a situational problem solving game where only yes or no is given as an answer until the solution is found for the scenario.]


I think it might be a success?!

I had an excited feeling being a part of it.

I want to play it again with the 4th gen members~!

More than anything, I was glad to be able to talk to Nakada-san and Matsumura-san.

I really want to talk to you in person one day, instead of remotely!

Honestly, thank you so much!

I was so excited to start off the day,

that I was actually struggling to decide on my earrings.

Can you guess which one I ended up with?
(I don’t think it’s very visible.)

I’ll reveal the answer at the end.

Thank you all so much for the pose ideas in the comments section of my last post. ( ¨̮ )

In the end, I ended up grabbing my own head.

My right eye is suffering from dry-eyes,
It became an “Oh~ That right eye~” kind of expression.

It was not a wink by design.

So recently~

I’ve been talking with Rei-chan a lot on the phone ¨̮

What have we been talking about?


is a secret.


Also yesterday

On the 6th of September!

Happy birthday to

Yoshida Ayano Christie-san!

I’ve had the chance to greet you in passing a few times,
Each time, my eyes would follow after you
Since you’re really cute.

I hope you have a great year ahead!

Also, recently, actually just now,
I was out and about for a walk when it started to rain down heavily.

Everyone, please be careful in the typhoons and strong rain.

Tomorrow is~


Yesterday, Runa-chan wrote something

And I screamed with all my might

I want to play Werewolf!!!!!

Let’s do it.

So to end things

In case you forgot, here’s the answer to the earrings question from earlier.

The correct answer is!

It was the flower earring with the stem and the leaves~~~

Thanks for reading right to the end. ¨̮

Myuu. ¨̮

See you in 5 days time!

Byeeeeeeeee ( Ꙭ )/”



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